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This acrylic box is widely used in shops for display products.

What is a good choice for exhibition products?

Published by 2024-06-25

Whether the product can attract customers, besides the product itself is in line with market demand, the way of display is also very important. A suitable acrylic display box can amplify the advantages of the product and at the same time play a role in protecting the product.

Our acrylic display box has many colors to choose from. In addition to the common transparent acrylic, other colors can also be customized.

The transparent display box can clearly show every detail of the exhibits without causing any visual obstruction. In fact, translucent display boxes are becoming more and more popular among buyers. For example, these models in the picture, translucent dark blue and red, can add a sense of mystery to the product, can be used to display high-end shoes, or something with a sense of design.

acrylic display box

The transparent green box also looks very special. The surroundings of the acrylic box are relatively transparent, but at the same time, it can bring a touch of green, which adds a sense of design to the entire exhibit, but it will not overwhelm the audience.

acrylic display box

The translucent blue acrylic display box has a sky-like color and looks fresh.

The entire box has a five-sided design, including the sides and top. The box is like a cover to cover the exhibits, which can effectively isolate dust and water vapor, protect the product, and prevent the exhibits from being accidentally knocked over. This is a display box without a base, you can also order a display box with a base from us.


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