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Acrylic products are very practical and can be applied to many places, including sign holder, acrylic photo frame, acrylic display stand, etc.

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Stari is a manufacturer specializing in high-quality acrylic products. Our products cover a wide range, including acrylic photo frames, acrylic boxes, acrylic furniture, acrylic wedding series, etc. Acrylic is an environmentally friendly material. Its color is durable, non-corrosive, and very stable, making it a popular raw material. Products made with this material are becoming more and more common. Acrylic products are used in many occasions.

acrylic products

One of the closest acrylic products to our lives is the acrylic sign holder. It will appear in restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, etc. This acrylic sign holder has four sides to display advertisements or posters. It is very beautiful and practical, and you can also replace the posters according to your needs. When replacing, you only need to pull out the original paper, and then take out the new one. Just put in the propaganda paper. Its size and design can be customized according to requirements. Because acrylic is resistant to corrosion and durable, our acrylic products are also deeply loved by our customers.

acrylic sign holder

Acrylic can also be made into various display stands according to the characteristics of the product. A product can be loved by people. In addition to the high quality and favorable price of the product itself, its publicity method is also very important. The acrylic display stand looks very delicate, it can attract people's attention, at the same time, the display stand is also a very important way to display products. For example, in this acrylic hair tie holder, the body of the frame is round, which can fit well with the hair tie. The acrylic cylinder can display 4-5 hair tie at the same time. The oval base increases the force. The area makes the whole hair ring display stand more stable, and the design also echoes the body of the display stand.

acrylic sign holder

There is also an acrylic product, which appears in a family reunion moment, it is acrylic Christmas decoration. Acrylic Christmas decoration can stimulate people's creativity. Acrylic can be cut into customized shapes, and the blank space provides a good space for your artistic creation. Of course, we can also print what you want on this acrylic decoration on request to make the festive atmosphere more intense.

acrylic xmas decoration

acrylic xmas decoration

In addition to these few examples, more acrylic products in life still need to be discovered by you. The high quality of acrylic products can also be felt by everyone who has used these products. In addition to the products in our shop, we also accept product customization. If you have any design requirements, you can contact us.

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