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Acrylic book-shaped photo frame is designed with the appearance of a book, and two photos can be placed at the same time.

Acrylic book-shaped photo frame: show two good memories with on photo frame

Published by 2024-06-22

In an era when various digital products are being updated very quickly, taking pictures has become a habit of many people. People will want to keep those beautiful moments and record their lives. Using acrylic photo frames to store memories is a great idea. Last year we even had a saying called "Let the phone eat first". This is because many people like to take pictures of food before eating, post it to social media such as Moments, and then start eating. Until now, when we go to a restaurant to eat, we can still see that after the food is served, some people take out their phones and take pictures before they start to enjoy the food.

In our daily life, there are many things worth recording: a tree blossomed downstairs; we had a great lunch at noon; going shopping and taking photos with friends on the rest day; having dinner with family... these beautiful moments, we need to stay with the help of digital products, and then develop the photos and place them in your favorite position in the room so that you can often recall the happiness at that time.

acrylic photo frame

Acrylic book-shaped photo frame with two-page design makes the whole photo frame look like a book. Just put the photos in, and different frame sizes correspond to different photo sizes. After putting in two photos, the whole picture will look richer.

This semi-double-layer book-shaped photo frame has a simple design, but at the same time it takes into account some details. Photos can be placed from the side or from above.

acrylic photo frame

Because acrylic has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, durability, and Eco-friendly, this acrylic photo frame has a long service life. In addition to displaying the photos, it can also protect the photos and slow down the aging speed of the photos.

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