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We are a supplier of acrylic photo frame, all of our products are durable and the price is reasonable.

acrylic photo frame supplier, acrylic block frame

Published by 2024-06-25

Acrylic photo frame supplier

We are a supplier specializing in acrylic products, made of environmentally friendly materials, and beautiful acrylic photo frames, which are deeply loved by customers. Magnetic acrylic photo frames are very convenient when replacing photos, so they are also very popular.

acrylic photo frame supplier

At first, this customer wanted to purchase 100 acrylic photo frames and sent us an inquiry. Because our products can support customization, and most customers will order different sizes, we will first carefully ask customers about the details of the product.

acrylic photo frame supplier

After the customer places an order, we will inform the customer in detail about any information about the completion of the order he wants to know, and we will tell the customer in time as soon as the order is updated.

acrylic photo frame supplier

Because of the long distance of transportation, some customers do not know how to inquire about logistics. At this time, as long as the customer needs it, we will timely feedback the current logistics information to the customer, so that the customer can grasp the transportation dynamics of the goods.

acrylic block frame

Stari treats every order and every customer with sincerity and enthusiasm. After the customer receives the goods, our acrylic magnet block frame has also been appreciated by the customer.

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